We are a locally owned and operated company, ready to place the spectrum of your domestic staffing needs! Our ability to match you with the applicant that is right for you is based on our tested approach to domestic placement. Our process includes the following areas for all candidates:  

  • A discrete search for the best candidate Screening of staff prior employment and references. 
  • Additional investigative reports upon your request. 
  • Most important of all, we have years of experience determining the personality types and strengths of experience that result in clients having long-term relationships with their domestic staff. We know these types of relationships are based on trust, respect and a strong work ethic.  

Here is a list of the domestic staffing positions that we place:

  • Housekeepers 
  • Nannies  
  • Chefs  
  • Cooks  
  • Domestic Couples  
  • Estate Managers  
  • Major Domos 
  •  Personal Assistants  
  • Caregivers   
  • Drivers   
  • Housemen 
  • Butlers